Blockchain For Games

In 2011 media reported that Chinese prisoners were forced to farm World of Warcraft Gold , virtual game economies became so important that an actual country decided to turn them into profit by illegal means.

On a more positive note, best Eve Online players play for free by turning in-game profits into actual game time.

In a world where actual economy is getting intermixed with tokens held on company servers comes blockchain. This new technology can create virtual economies and goods actually owned by the players themselves.

That increases the size of your market to not only players, but also professional traders who can provide liquidity to the rest of economy. One of our clients said that he would love to have a mobile phone trading app where he can trade on the virtual markets when he’s away from his game station at home.

Other things of note are Rare Items.

Currently indistinguishable, with blockchain each and every one of them could have a unique story to tell written in stone forever. A myth and history of who found it, and how it passed from hand to hand between people could make the lore grow on it’s own, without the involvement from the Game Studio.

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