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Blockchain Engineer

Creating solutions for the decentralised world

We are building a team of passionate and world-class engineers and hackers. We learn together and strive to understand the underlying principles of things around us. We bring that expertise and work with Founders, Visionaries and Creators to develop a more decentralised world, where privacy, self-sovereignty and self-ownership are first-class citizens.

We’ve founded and helped to build projects involving Self-Identity and Reputation on Ethereum, Peer-To-Peer Lending of Bitcoins, and Censorship-Resistant Journalism Token-governed network.

We are Cryptopunks


We’re looking for exceptional engineers who are curious about blockchain and want to learn more. You should be passionate about the projects you build, able to learn and experiment on your own. You ought to be highly organised, detail-oriented and timely in your work. You want to grow along with the organisation, both your functional skills but also willing to hone your leadership and management abilities. We expect you to be already a knowledgable engineer, understanding and being able to put into practice: algorithms, networking, cryptography, data structures etc. You should have a few projects behind your belt.


This is what you’ll learn working with us, previous knowledge of some of these concepts is a huge plus.

  • Understand the concepts underpinning Blockchain technology
    • Know the basics of cryptography and it’s primitives, especially Public-Key encryption
    • Understand basics of hashing algorithms and be able to use them in practice
    • Know the basics of Proof-Of-Work, Proof-Of-Stake and understand the economical ramifications
    • Understand the basics of how the design of Tokens affects economic incentives (Crypto-economics)
  • Work with full stack of Ethereum technologies
    • Understand the communication flows between the User, their browser, local and remote Ethereum Nodes, and the blockchain swarm
  • Write secure and efficient smart-contracts
    • Know a smart-contract language, preferably Solidity
    • Work with tooling such as Web3, Truffle, Metamask and more
    • Be able to reason and work with math-focused documents such as Ethereum’s Yellow Paper
    • Understand the basic of the Ethereum Virtual Machine, it’s memory model, and inter-contract communication
  • Interface with the Ethereum Blockchain
    • Write Typescript and Javascript code, libraries and tools which will allow other developers and users to work with your smart-contracts
    • Write backend services, preferably in Go and / or NodeJS which will listen for events, sign off-chain transactions, work as oracles and more
    • Be able to quickly write user-usable prototypes, preferably in web technologies such as React


  • Remote-first company and communication - we care about the results, not the hours spent in your chair
  • Competitive salary
  • Unlimited vacation time
  • Fitness reimbursements
  • Offices in trendiest location in the center of Warsaw - Mindspace Co-working in Hala Koszyki

Say hello@punkers.co and let’s talk